Frequently Asked Questions About Gator Storage U-Haul

Cash, Debit, Credit Card (American Express, VISA, Master Card, Discover) echeck, online payments, billpay, checks, auto pay.
We only have one location, in Leesburg, Florida.
A copy of the driver’s license and payment for the first month of rent.
UHaul truck rental requirements:


  •  A driver’s license for the person renting the truck, and also for the person driving the truck.
  • We highly recommend using a credit card rather than cash or a debit card.
  • For an in-town rental if they want to pay cash they must bring a $100 deposit.
  • For an in-town rental if they use a debit card UHaul will tie up $100 on the debit card and it could take up to 30 days for their bank to return the remaining funds to the account.
  • For an in-town rental if they use a credit card a deposit is tied up on the card to match the estimated amount of the rental.
  • For a one-way rental, they must pay the full amount upfront, and it will be a flat rate depending on where they are going.

For storage reservations, we can make them over the phone or the customer can make them online on our website.
Depending on demand, we may or may not take reservations and it could be first come first serve, but most of the time we can make a reservation for someone. We will need their name, phone number, and estimated date of rental.

We do not require a deposit for a reservation and if someone wishes to cancel there is no penalty.  For Uhaul rentals, there also is no penalty for cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Facility

Best way to rent a storage unit is to come to the office, review unit sizes to make sure they choose the right size for their needs and then fill out the paperwork in the office.  We also can rent a storage unit over the phone for people who are out-of-state and plan to need the storage in the future.  People have trouble visualizing the storage size they need, so seeing it in person and making sure it is the right size is key.  What we try to avoid is a person renting a storage unit that is too small even if they think it is the right size and doesn’t make the effort to see it in person and then after hours when they bring their stuff over to move in they realize they need a bigger unit and then get in a big jam.

We have an office and we have a security gate.

Office hours is when we have staff in the office who are available to rent units, take payments, and offer assistance to our customers if they have any problems or issues.  That is six days a week, but not evenings.

The gate hours is when our security gate is accessible.  Once someone rents a storage unit they are given a security code and they can enter the property by punching the code into the keypad at the entry.  Then, they can come and go as they please to access their storage unit as long as their payments are current.  Like I said, if they are on the property after hours and need help, they will have to wait until our office opens in the morning.

Selecting the right size unit.
This is something our staff is trained to help new customers with.
The best approach is for them to come to the property, and our staff will be able to show them available sizes that they think would work for the customer based on how much stuff they have.  About 10 times out of 10, when a customer sees the size unit in person that is going to be the right size, they know it on the spot and can then move forward with renting that unit.  They can also preview our unit photographs on our website to get a feeling for what size they might need.

Safety and security.  We have a multi-layered security system at Gator Storage.
We have a 6′ tall perimeter fence with barbed wire, a security gate which requires a code for our customers to get through the gate, security cameras, night lighting, and staff onsite six days a week during office hours.
Our security gate is open from 6Am till 11:30PM, and at 11:30PM it is locked down for the night and no one can enter.

AC vs. Non-AC

First of all it is helpful for our customers to know the difference between AC and Climate Controlled units.
A climate controlled unit is not necessarily an Air Conditioned unit.
It can be a simple fan that is placed in a building and does not control the temperature like air conditioning does.
People can really be misled by the term Climate Controlled which is very commonly thrown around by people in the industry, they really don’t know what it means.

So, at Gator Storage we have air conditioned units which is the most superior type of temperature control to have.
Making a decision between AC and non-AC is a personal and subjective decision.
Some people always prefer AC.  Others are living on a tight budget and need storage but can’t afford the AC pricing which is more expensive.

AC is best for valuables such as family photos, electronics, TV’s antiques, and so forth.
Sometimes we counself people to rent a small AC unit for their valuables, and for more generic stuff such as mattresses, furniture, boxes and bins, a non-AC storage unit will work just fine.
One thing that sets our Non-Ac units apart from the competition, is that all of our non-AC storage buildings are insulated which means the temperatures inside of these buildings are more stable and does not get as hot as some of the non-insulated storage buildings at other places.


Yes one person can rent a storage unit for another person.  HOWEVER.  The person who rents the unit is the person who will be responsible for paying the rent and if there is a default, it will affect their credit.  We have situations where a local person will rent a unit for an out-of-town person who plans to move to the area, but they want to secure a unit ahead of time.  The best scenario is when that person gets to town, both people come into the office and the first person hands off the account to the person who really will be using the unit.  We only rent to one person per unit.  We do not rent to couples or pairs of people.  If there is a couple renting a unit, they have to decide who is going to have their name on the account.

 Yes, there are restrictions on what can be stored.
No perishables, hazardous materials, substances or waste, toxic chemicals, illegal goods, explosives, flammables, or animals.

We rent month to month, so people can rent short term or long term, whatever suits them.

Yes, this is quite common.  Our staff can help our storage customers to either downsize or move into a larger storage unit.

Yes.  People are able to store a car in a 10 x 20 or 10 x 30 storage unit.

 A few days notice is always appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions About U-Haul Truck Rental

First of all, we only rent UHaul moving trucks. We do not rent UHaul trailers, auto-transports, tow dollies pickup trucks or vans.
This is usually determined through a conversation with the customer.  Our experienced staff can help them determine what is the best size to use.
Sometimes it depends on what is available because trucks are coming and going all the time.

Our potential customers need to know that especially on weekends, end of month, end of year, and major three day weekend holidays such as Memorial Day and Labor Day, trucks can be in high demand and we highly recommend they call a few weeks ahead to make a reservation.  If it is a busy moving weekend and they call or walk in to get a truck, it may be too late and there may be nothing available for them.

Yes but they have to come into the office when the truck is picked up and they must give us their driver’s license so we can scan it. The credit card or debit card for payment also must be brought into the office and swiped on our equipment. We cannot do a rental by taking a credit card or debit card number over the phone. And, we do not take cash cards.

Yes, I discussed that at length in the General FAQ’s I believe.

The truck sizes people can rent are 10′ 15′ 20′ and 26′.  If they are available at the time.  If they call ahead and give us time to get the size they need, that is also a possibility.   The 10′ truck does not have a ramp.  The other sizes have ramps.  We also have dollies and moving blankets.

One Way Rentals
This is done online or can be done in person at our office.
After someone provides information about the size truck they need, pickup location and drop-off location and dates, the amount is determined on the computer and a reservation is made. A flat rate is charged and then they would also have to pay for gas. They have to pay up front for the whole price when they pick up the truck.

In Town Rentals
This is a rental for someone who will be picking up the truck and dropping it off at the same location. It can be rented for a day, over a weekend, or as long as the person needs the truck. Our daily rates are determined by the truck size.
10′ $19.95
15′ $29.95
20′ $39.95
26′ $39.95

Plus mileage, taxes, a small environmental fee and cost of gas.
Mileage M-Th .79 per mile
Weekend .99 per mile
We can provide an estimate for all this is going to cost when they call in with a reservation or when they pick up the truck.

As mentioned above, it is always recommended that they call in advance to reserve a truck, esp. on weekends, end of month, end of year, Summertime, Memorial Day and Labor Day.  For the big moving weekends, we suggest two weeks out, it depends on supply and demand.  When moving is slow people can even walk in and get a truck.  It depends on the time of year.

Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Unit Sizes

Unfortunately, yes — but not at Gator Storage Uhaul. You see, legally, a unit can be considered “Climate-Controlled” if there is just a simple fan blowing near a unit. So a lot of storage facilities will advertise that they have “Climate-Controlled” units even when they have no air-conditioning. We think this is very misleading, which is why all of our “Climate-Controlled” units are “Air-Conditioned”.

The storage sizes of our units at Gator Storage are:

  • 5×5
  • 5×10
  • 10×10
  • 10×15
  • 5×15
  • 7.5×15
  • 10×20
  • 15×15

We also have a Car, Boat, Truck, Trailer & RV Outdoor Storage – it’s an uncovered, outdoor parking space suitable for a car, a small trailer, or a regular-sized truck.

You can rent any storage size you prefer in our storage facility, depending on what you need to be stored.
The average size of any storage facility can range from 46,000 square feet to around 60,000 square feet.
It depends on what you plan to store in a storage unit. It is best to drop by if you’re in Leesburg so that we can show you around. If you won’t be in the area, you can call us at (352) 787-5707 or email us at [email protected] for any questions you may have.
Of course! Our friendly staff is available six days a week to assist you with your moving and storage needs.
We have three sizes that can fall under a small storage unit: 5×5, 5×10 (the size of a large walk-in closet), and 10×10.
The following sizes fall under medium: 10×10, 10×15, 5×15, 7.5×15 and 10×15.
Here are the sizes that we consider as large: 10×15, 10×20, 15×15, and of course, our outdoor storage.
Gator Storage has a number of different Uhaul trucks, cargo vans, dollies, boxes, and moving blankets available for rent on-site.
Yes, you may. We prefer that you see them in person, so drop if your schedule will allow it. If not, you can check out our storage sizes here for your reference before you rent.
For this storage unit and storage size, we recommend storing the extra items in your home that you don’t really use often. Examples of these are golf clubs, fishing gear, Christmas decorations, tax records, seasonal clothing, bikes, and extra boxes of belongings. 
This storage size is actually pretty big in the sense that it’s like a room, actually. It can fit things like some mattresses, a big couch, TV equipment, a whole bed, and plenty of office equipment. You can pretty much fit a whole bedroom in here. You can also store a motorcycle if you have one that’s not regularly used. It’s pretty popular for college kids who need summer storage.
Think of it as a longer 5×10 unit. So it’s pretty much a longer bedroom or an extended walk-in closet. It’s going to be particularly useful for lengthy items like mattresses, couches, and bookshelves. It can fit whatever you would want to put in a 5×10, with a little extra space.
This size is equivalent to half of a one-car garage, so it can fit a lot. You can store pieces of furniture, boxes, appliances, and other equipment. You can fill up two bedrooms with whatever you will store here.
For this size, you can store lengthy items that might not fit in a 10×10. You can store more furniture, boxes, mattresses, an entertainment center, a whole dining set, and more. Basically, you can store the equivalent of three fully furnished bedrooms.
This storage unit will be able to hold the items that a usual family might fit into two bedrooms and their family room. If you need to store items because you’re going to remodel some rooms, this size is perfect.
Think of this Gator Storage unit as almost as big as a two-car garage! It’s excellent for storing pretty much anything you want to put in storage. In short, it can fit a lot.
This unit is the size of a one-car garage. This storage unit size is our most popular large-sized unit and is often used when people have moved to Leesburg, The Villages, Fruitland Park, Wildwood, and other nearby areas, while they’re waiting to close on a new house. People also rent this space when they have to leave the area for a while but plan to come back. Some people even store actual cars here.
That depends on the nature of your business. Get in touch with any of our friendly staff – they’ll do their best to assist you in getting the storage that’s perfect for you.
It will depend on the size of the storage unit you will rent, and what units in our storage facility are available. We recommend dropping by and seeing things for yourself.
You can be sure that your goods will be safe with us at Gator Storage. We have the following security measures:

  • A 6′ tall security fence with barbed wire
  • A property-wide LED outdoor lighting system
  • A security gate with keypad access
  • Plenty of cameras for surveillance
  • Remote controlled gates

And of course, plenty of trained Attack Gators!

While some of our storage units can possibly fit a car, we still recommend storing your car in our uncovered, outdoor parking space.
Get in touch with us to learn more!
We have a number of different Uhaul trucks and cargo vans available for rent.
You can arrange it in any way you want, but here’s our recommendation so you can maximize the space and make things easy for you to find stuff.

  • Create a list of the items you’re going to store so you’ll remember everything.
  • Before putting everything in the storage unit, try to use see-through containers instead of cardboard boxes so you know where everything is. Don’t forget to label the boxes.
  • It might be tempting to just dump big pieces of furniture inside, but you won’t be able to fully use the entire space if you have other items you need to store. Disassemble the furniture so you can store them upright.
  • Make sure to place the heavier items on the bottom so you won’t crush lighter items.
  • Place the items you might need in the near future at the front, or near the door, so you can reach them without having to wade through all your stuff.

You can bring your own purchased locks, but if you forgot one, don’t worry! We have personal locks available. They’re brand new and sealed, so you can be sure that you will be the only one who has the key.
Yes, you have to reserve one of Gator Storage’s units. Stop by our offices or give us a call and let’s get you that storage you need.
After you have put all your items in your storage unit, we won’t have access to it. Remember, we don’t have your keys. And if you do decide to give access to someone else, that is entirely at your discretion. We will not be liable for any losses or damage to your items if that third party you gave access to is the cause.

Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Storage Units

The average price of storage units in Florida is $99.45
It is definitely against the law to live in a storage unit in Florida.
An average price of a storage unit in Orlando is $78.20
An average price of a storage unit in Orlando is $78.20 Self-storage unit auctions happen when storage tenants fail to pay their rent on time. If the renters do not pay what’s due in time, the storage owner can proceed to auction off the unit’s contents to the higher bidder.
A typical 10×10 storage unit offers 8 ft. ceilings and is designed to hold roughly one full family room worth of furniture or the contents of a two-bedroom apartment.


A 10×10 storage unit can hold:

  • Large appliances
  • Couches
  • Coffee tables and end tables
  • Lamps, rugs and home decor items
  • Bicycles, garden equipment
  • Two queen size beds
  • Dressers and vanities
  • Office furniture
  • Filing cabinets
  • Mid-size up to large boxes or storage containers

Here is the list of items that are not allowed in a storage unit:

  • Flammable or Combustible Items
  • Toxic Materials
  • Non-Operating, Unregistered, and Uninsured Vehicles
  • Stolen Goods and Illegal Drugs
  • Weapons, Ammunition, and Bombs
  • Perishables
  • Live Plants
  • Wet Items
  • People and Animals

The size of the storage unit that you may need varies on how much stuff you have. We recommend you to calculate the square footage of your belongings and then choose between a small (25-50 square feet), medium (75-150 square feet), or large storage unit (200-300 square feet). 
The most popular and common storage sizes are 10 by 10 feet. Close to second is 10-by-20 then 10-by-15.
The most popular and common storage sizes are 10 by 10 feet. Close to second is 10-by-20 then 10-by-15.
A 10×10 storage unit can hold the contents of up to three rooms total. Therefore, a 10×10 unit is a good size for the stuff found in two bedrooms, an entire family room or a two-bedroom apartment.
In a 15×30 storage unit, you can fit bedroom sets, sofa sets, a vehicle, a boat and more. The size of this unit is around the same size of a two-car garage.

The contents of a large closet or a small room can fit within a 5×5 self storage unit. 


Here are what you can fit in a 5×5 storage unit size:

  • Chairs
  • Small Desks
  • Small Bookcases
  • Suitcases
  • Lamps
  • Holiday Decorations, sports equipment, clothing

A 10×10 storage unit is ideal for storing the contents of a 2 bedroom space. It’s perfect for holding an entertainment center, king-size mattresses, larger appliances, dining room, furniture, and other various items you’d find in a 2 bedroom space.
No, you can’t live in a storage unit. It is against the law to live in a storage unit in Florida. 
The smallest unit of storage capacity is 5×5 with 25 square feet and 200 cubic feet of storage space; these units act like a small walk-in closet for smaller self storage needs.
The reason why people live in storage units is to keep their most precious belongings safe and to preserve what they can of their former life. But again, it’s prohibited to live in a storage unit according to various local and federal housing laws. 
Here is the list of items that are not allowed in a storage unit:

  • Flammable or Combustible Items
  • Toxic Materials
  • Non-Operating, Unregistered, and Uninsured Vehicles
  • Stolen Goods and Illegal Drugs
  • Weapons, Ammunition, and Bombs
  • Perishables
  • Live Plants
  • Wet Items
  • People and Animals

Whether you need to temporarily store your belongings while moving or store them long term, renting a storage unit provides an excellent, space-saving solution. So we say, yes! Storage units are a good investment especially in Leesburg, The Villages, and Fruitland Park & Wildwood.
Most certainly! Storage units can be as secure as your home so long as you and the storage facility take all the necessary precautions.
If you want to protect your belongings in a storage unit, choose one that is well-protected and secured.


Here are a few tips on how to secure your belongings:

  • Electronic, passcode-protected gate entry and perimeter fencing.
  • Video surveillance 24/7/365.
  • Private pin codes for access to all secure areas.
  • High-security disc locks for each unit. 

Most storage unit facilities have at least a few video cameras on the site.
Once the unit is abandoned, the contents become the facility’s property. Usually, an auction will be held and open to the public to compensate for unpaid rent. 
20-foot UHaul Truck Rentals cost around $40 per day plus $1.79 per mile. 
For longer distances, a one-way truck rental is mostly cheaper than a round-trip. If you rented a round-trip, the average cost is around $700.
Yes! As long as the primary driver of the U-Haul truck gave permission to any other driver to operate the rental.
If you are moving locally, UHaul Truck prices will start around $20. Pick-up trucks or cargo vans already cover this cost. Larger trucks cost $30-$40.
It really comes down to supply and demand, and one-way rental trucks are particularly efficient for long-distance moves. You may pay a certain fee for the rental per day that varies depending on the size of the truck.
The size of the storage unit that you may need varies on how much stuff you have. We recommend you to calculate the square footage of your belongings and then choose between a small (25-50 square feet), medium (75-150 square feet), or large storage unit (200-300 square feet). 
If you chose to store only medium-sized boxes with dimensions of about 20 inches by 20 inches, you could store approximately 144 boxes in a 10×10 unit.
Most of the time, yes. The ideal solution for safeguarding such materials is climate controlled storage units, which are air-conditioned and can keep a constant temperature inside.